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Sunday, February 19, 2006

OHIO in the News

OHIO Media Day

We recently had our Return to Service ceremony (basically the same thing as a Commissioning ceremony except that OHIO was never de-commissioned), so OHIO is now all over the web! Here are some of the best links:
  • The Navy News Site has a bunch of photos, including one of much of the wardroom "manning the rails" in front of the Captain reporting OHIO "manned and ready." Since we're arranged in height order, I'm about 5-6 people too short to appear in the photo! Also, the one showing sailors in front of the sail with our "726" hull number includes 2 guys in my division. Other Navy photos are at the CSG9 webpage and slideshow.

  • Before the ceremony, we had a "media day" underway when various organizations were invited on board to see the sub in action. Yours truly was stuck back in "the box" (the Maneuvering space in the Engine Room where the reactor is controlled) so there aren't any photos of me...but there is a photo accompanying the Kitsap Sun's article of some of my fellow JOs pretending to plan a mission with the SEALS in our Battle Management Center.

  • Media Day happened to be a very windy one, so the vessel that was supposed to take the media back home had some trouble...The Tacoma News Tribune article mentions the stormy weather and cheesily calls it "a metaphor for Ohio's new mission." Also check out LTJG Ryan Schow's head just barely peeking out in front of his freezing lookouts (YN2 Mcleod and MM3 Simpson).

  • One of the film crews on board for Media Day was from the Naval Media Center, who produced a short Windows Media Player news clip that features a bunch of my shipmates and the Captain.

  • Supposedly KING 5 news brought a film crew as well, but the only clip I could find on their website was this older one of OHIO passing Seattle on our way out for Sea Trials.

  • Finally, the Navigator's wife, Heidi Evans, wrote the best description of the RTS ceremony in her weekly Saturday column in the Kitsap Sun (you may need to register to see it).

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